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Professor and Chairman Kae-Long Lin Waste to Resource Technology,Sludge Recycling and Reuse Technology,Green Material
technology and Application,Composting Technology
Professor Chang-Tang Chang Application and Development of catalyst and photocatalyst,Air Quality Planning,Control and Measurement of nanoparticles
Professor Cheng-Chung Liu Soil pollution control and remediation,Wastewater treatment by adsorption technique
Professor Chyow-San Chiou Development and application of catalyst and adsorbent for water and air pollution treatment,Advanced oxidation technology
Professor Hann-Chyuan Chiang Environmental Monitoring,Transformation and Transport of Pollutants in Environmen,Remediation of Soil and Groundwater,Constructed Wetland
Professor Je-Lueng Shie Photo-sensitized materials and photoelectrical conversion,Environmental nanotechnology & plasma technology,Plasma gasification & melting technology,GHG Plasma catalytic synthesis
Professor Ying-Chih Chiu Environmental Biotechnology and Application,Biosensor R&D,Green Energy
Professor Yuan-Shen Li Wastewater Treatment,Material Recirculation and Reuse,Low Carbon Sustainable planning,Environmental Education
Associate Professor Chin-Jung Lin Functionalized Nanostructured Materials, Dye-sensitized/Q-dot-sensitized Solar Cells, Solar Water Splitting, Solid-State Hydrogen Storage, CO2 Reduction and Capture
Associate Professor I-Cheng, Chang -Environmental Management Information Systems and Environmental System Analysis
-Application of Information Technology and Management in fields of Environmental Engineering and Science
-Application of Management Science and Research Methods in fields of
Associate Professor Wen-Hsing Chen Bioenergy (methane, hydrogen) production, Anaerobic sludge digestion, Biological wastewater treatment


Environmental Engineering Department Features and Objectives  There is but one earth. No matter how g...
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