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Research Lab

Lab. Principal Investigator
Applied Biotechnology Lab.  
Environmental Biorefinery Lab  
Water Pollution Control and Water Resources Regeneration Laboratory Yuan-Shen Li 
Air Pollution and Nanometer Particulate Measurement Laboratory Chang-Tang Chang
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Ying-Chih Chiu
Waste Resource Recovery Laboratory Kae-Long Lin
Laboratory of Soil and Environmental Science Cheng-Chung Liu
Advanced Energy and Molecular Environment Laboratory Je-Lueng Shie
Environmental Chemistry Lab Hann-Chyuan Chiang
Adsorbent and Catalyst Research Laboratory Chyow-San Chiou
Environmental ICT Application and M&D Analysis Laboratory I-Cheng Chang
Environmental Biorefinery Research Laboratory Wen-Hsing Albert Chen
Nanomaterials and Green-Energy Technology Laboratory Chin-Jung Lin