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Undergraduate Degree


Professional Required Courses

Ecology, Computer Programming Language, Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Graphics, Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology of Environmental Engineering, Introduction to Air Pollution, Engineering Statistics, Air Pollution Control, Fluid Mechanics, Water Analysis, Water Supply Engineering, Solid Waste Treatment, Sewage Engineering, Seminar, Environmental Planning and Management.

Mandatory Professional Courses

Introduction to Environmental Science, Environmental Health Sciences, Industry Safety, Organic Chemistry, Laws of Environmental Protection, Environmental Psychology, Microbiology Laboratory, Air Pollutant Analysis, Chemistry of Environmental, Environmental Biotechnology, Gaseous pollutant control and Equipment Design, Chemistry of Environmental Engineering, Soil and environmental Quality, Instrumental Analysis and Laboratory for Environmental Engineering, Independent Study, Prevention and Control of Noise and Vibration,  Design of Water Supply Engineering, Particulate Pollutant Control and Design, Environmental Analysis and Monitoring, Analysis and Lab. of Solid Waste, Environmental Toxicology, Wastewater Analysis and Lab., Water Environments, Sewage Engineering Design, Application of Computer on Environmental Engineering, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Waste Minimization, Hazardous Waste Management, Soil Pollution and Prevention, Pesticide Pollution, Introduction of Environmental Nanoscience, Laboratory of Unit Operation in Environmental Engineering, Groundwater Contamination and Control, Introduction to Electrochemical Technology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Soil Pollution and Lab., Scientific English, Environmental Economics and Management.